Open Innovation

"Taiyo's Open Innovation" Outline

We have established an "Open Innovation" Policy that strives to encourage two way communication between Taiyo and various institutions in order to share technical expertise, quality, innovation and cost performance.

“Taiyo’s Open Innovation” Outline


"Taiyo's Open Innovation" Contents

We endeavor to establish third party partnerships in an effort to contribute to the health and benefit of all people throughout the world.
We are seeking information and technologies to create new products and improve our core technologies, while at the same time Taiyo will share its own technology in order to foster such technology transfer and provide a "win-win" collaboration for all.

“Taiyo’ Open innovation” Contents


We await your contact and proposals.

Taiyo is currently looking for collaboration in the following categories;



Please complete the proposal form and confirm your understanding and acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

(1) Information does not infringe on any third party's right.
(2) Information does not include obligation of confidential to the third party.
(3) Sharing of information shall not bind either party to contract.
(4) Sharing of information does not assert any right to Taiyo and its technologies.
(5) All information shared shall contain no confidential information.
  (Taiyo can not assume any obligation related to confidential information shared in the contents of proposals).
  (All information shared within the proposal may be reviewed and shared internally at Taiyo)

Taiyo will make an effort to reply to all proposals of interest within 5 business days.
Please note, however, that Taiyo is unable to guarantee the time frame for replies or that all proposals will be replied to.
Please understand the situation beforehand.


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