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Ingredients for chemical products developed from the perspective of food ingredient makers. Using technology developed in the food industry, we offer surfactants that can likely modify the resin of polylactates, as well as improve filler high loading and liquidity of general-purpose resins. The lineup includes products registered with the Japan Hygienic Olefin And Styrene Plastics Association, our ingredients for chemical products can be considered for your plastic food containers and packaging.

Main applications

Practical good Product Purpose
Resin/coating Chirabazol Modified resin ingredients, filler material, reduced torque when blending pigments, increased dispersion, improved surface impact
Coating Chirabazol Water-based dispersion ingredient
Resin (food packaging, etc.) Chirabazol Plasticizer for polylactates
Anti-shock modifier for polylactates
Industrial applications, pet application Green tea extract Antibacterial / odor elimination
For chemical products used for food
(food packaging and containers, etc.)
Awabreak Defoaming

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