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Seasoning / oils and fats Seasoning / oils and fats Seasoning / oils and fats

It’s not only ingredients and basic seasoning that determine the flavor of compound seasoning agents such as mayonnaise, dressing, and basting sauce. Viscosity is also an important factor. We suggest new types of seasoning of which there has been a flood in recent years, including the benefits of using them. Furthermore, controlling the functions of oils and fats is an important factor that determines cooking and manufacturing efficiency as well as the final flavor. We suggest emulsifiers for modifying oils and fats.

Main applications

Practical good Product Purpose
Mayonnaise Processed liquid egg,Egg flavor regulator Flavor regulation
Functional hen egg ingredients Emulsified state control, provides heat-resistance
Baste sauce Dressing Thickening stabilizer formulation,food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Viscosity regulation, emulsified state control
Flavor regulator Flavor regulation
Green tea extract Antioxidation
Seasoning for meats Functional hen egg ingredients,processed meat and seafood products quality improving agent Improved convenience when cooking
Oils and fats Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Oil and fat modification
Green tea extract Antioxidation
Reduced salt products Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Salt enhancers

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