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Prepared food Prepared food Prepared food

We present a variety of products to the prepared foods market which requires that both the original flavor and the freshly made flavor be preserved, as well as that the product is efficiently made. We suggest products which contribute to flavor control through boundary control, including suggestions on how to use them. Our lineup includes both additives such as emulsifiers and stabilizers as well as food product grade ingredients geared towards the recent additive-free and clean label trends.

Main applications

Practical good Product Purpose
Prepared vegetables such as sauce-dressed dishes Thickening stabilizer formulation,food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Anti-drip
Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Washing vegetables
Prepared meet dishes Functional hen egg ingredients,processed meat and seafood products quality improving agent Improved water retention, oil retention, and texture
Green tea extract Odor elimination
Prepared egg dishes Liquid egg / boiled egg,processed liquid egg,functional hen egg ingredients,egg flavor regulators Provide flavor, improve physical properties
Fried food Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation,functional hen egg ingredients Inhibit oil absorption, improve texture
Egg flavor regulator Provide flavor
Flavor regulator Preserve product quality
Stir-fry Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Syneresis prevention
Prepared noodle dishes Quality improving agents for noodles,thickening stabilizer formulation,food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation,functional hen egg ingredients Improved texture
Thickening stabilizer formulation Regulates the viscosity and flavor of sauces

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