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Cosmetics / toiletries Cosmetics / toiletries Cosmetics / toiletries

With increasing natural and organic consciousness, cosmetics and toiletries are required to be safe, and for example not irritate the skin. Taiyo Kagaku offers non-ionic surfactants such as glycerin derivatives based on food additives synthesized by our original manufacturing method to meet this demand. To support your production efforts, we offer various polyglycerol esters of fatty acid as well as formulations that use functional raw materials.

Main applications

Practical good Product Purpose
Cleansing agents, etc. High-functioning polyglycerol esters of fatty acid Emulsion, solubilization, foaming, dispersion
Leave-on cosmetics, etc. High-functioning polyglycerol esters of fatty acid Emulsion and self-emulsification, foaming agent
Antibacterial agent Antibacterial properties
Shampoo, etc. Cleaner,High-functioning polyglycerol esters of fatty acid Cleaning, foaming
Hair treating agent Hair treating, moisture retention
General cosmetics and toiletries Oil solutions and other ingredients Oil base
Functional ingredients for cosmetics Inhibit melanin production, moisture retention effect, antioxidation / odor elimination effect

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