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Confectionery / bakery Confectionery / bakery Confectionery / bakery

Here are emulsifiers and stabilizers that control physical properties such as texture and “melting in the mouth” which are important in the confectionery production and bread making sectors, as well as “functional hen egg ingredients” with emulsion functions originating from eggs. Additionally, in the pursuit of flavor, the wide-ranging lineup includes processed egg products grounded in thorough traceability, as well as processed agricultural products such as sweet potatoes.

Main applications

Practical good Product Purpose
Bread / baked goods / etc. Processed liquid egg,functional hen egg ingredients Modified texture and physical properties
Liquid egg / boiled egg,powdered egg Basic ingredients
Microwave processed goods,sweet potato processed goods Topping, etc.
Processed foods for confectionery and bakery Provides flavor, improves appearance
Processed liquid egg,egg flavor regulator Egg flavor regulation
Donuts Thickening stabilizer formulation Inhibit oil absorption
Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Smearing prevention
Chocolate Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Modified texture and physical properties
Gum/candy Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Improved tooth contact
Serial Microwave processed goods As an ingredient
Food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Improved texture
Partially hydrolyzed guar gum Enhanced dietary fiber

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