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We support product development that combines flavor and health preservation for the senior product market, which is certain to expand in the future. We pursue a variety of solutions, from functional ingredients such as partially hydrolyzed guar gum which are trusted by the caregiving and medical sectors, to flavor and texture controls that produce an ideal flavor.

Main applications

Practical good Product Purpose
Liquid food Food emulsifier / emulsion formulation,thickening stabilizer formulation Stabilization of product quality
Partially hydrolyzed guar gum Enhanced dietary fiber
Enhanced nutrition food Partially hydrolyzed guar gum,NDS,powdered egg,other functional materials Enhanced iron, enhanced dietary fibers, enhanced calcium (egg shell / seaweed calcium), enhanced protein
Mousse Thickening stabilizer formulation,food emulsifiers / emulsion formulation Regulation of shape retention, viscosity, and “melting in the mouth”
Liquid egg / boiled egg,sweet potato processed goods Seasoning
Soft food Thickening stabilizer formulation Texture control
Flavor regulator,egg flavor regulator,processed liquid egg,thickening stabilizer formulation Provides egg flavor, flavor control
Processed meat and seafood products Quality improving agent Meat texture regulation
Liquid egg / boiled egg
Oral care Green tea extract Sterilization and preventing plaque accumulation

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