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Egg flavor regulator

Egg flavor regulator

Eggs change from a liquid to a gel due to heating when cooked, but the preferred flavor of eggs also changes due to the heating. Taiyo Kagaku focused on the flavor in the course of researching the functions of eggs, and developed a unique egg flavor with various processing technology. A longer-lasting egg taste is obtained from enzyme treatment; a fragrant, sweet flavor is developed through combined heating with sugar; active ingredients are extracted to obtain a fresh, rich flavor... Based on such various technologies and developments, we suggest flavors suited to individual applications. Aside from sweet fragrances, we develop products by focusing on seasoning benefits of eggs that contribute flavor plus something such as edible fat and oil given a culinary aroma from heating of the egg, as well as enhancing the umami and reducing bitterness and off-flavors.

Main functions

  • Enhanced egg taste
  • Preservation of egg taste
  • Gives richness
  • Sweet aroma of eggs
  • Fresh egg aroma
  • Sweet, fragrant aroma of eggs
  • Deterioration smell masking

Main applications

  • Flour paste
  • Processed oils and fats
  • Ice cream
  • Dessert
  • Prepared food
  • Noodles
  • Retort food
  • Seasoning

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