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Quality improving agent Quality improving agent Quality improving agent

Quality improving agent for noodles

Quality improving agent for noodles

We leverage insights from our research on emulsifiers, egg ingredients,thickeners and stabilizers to develop noodle improving agents that provide a delicious texture. We make a wide range of suggestions on everything from traditional ingredients to Taiyo Kagaku original formulations based on the goal. Since Taiyo Kagaku products such as powdered egg thickeners and stabilizers that undergo Taiyo Kagaku’s original particle fusion (PF) technique are extremely fluid, they readily disperse in powders such as flour, and are widely used. This is how we make products that increase the modification benefits of ingredients through PF processing, our original processing technology.

Main functions

  • Give elasticity
  • Inhibit from stretching in water
  • Give smoothness
  • Chewy texture
  • Encourage instant noodles to regain moisture
  • Increase unraveling

Main applications

  • Raw noodles
  • Dried noodles
  • Instant noodles
  • Cooking noodles
  • Low carb noodles

We sell different products depending on the region.
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